Elegant blue bedroom JN81039 wallpaper


1 roll.
Has a vinyl matte finish.
Has a size of 10m by 0.53m. NB: (A normal apartment wall can take 2 to 3 rolls)1 roll.
It’s not self-adhesive.

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It’s elegant and bluish in color to give your space a lively look. This wallpaper gives life to your interior as its color resembles water and is minimalistic in design, perfect for a clear shade preference. It’s the ideal solution for you if you consider having a one color shade in your interior space. Shop it now and have it delivered to your doorstep today!

With a variety of more than 1000+ wallpaper designs, we give you a variety to choose from. This wallpaper is not self-adhesive therefore it will need glue to paste it. One packet of glue can paste up to 5 rolls effectively. At Kejani, we are endowed with qualified fundis and we can give you assistance to paste the wallpaper at your premises at Ksh. 500 extra. Our wallpaper prices are standard for a roll of interior wallpaper.

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