For hanging washables, vinyl, lining paper, and embossed wallpaper
Fast 20-second mix and ready to use in under 2 minutes
Extra strong, smooth, lump-free formula

Find more instructions on how to use it below.

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This is an all-purpose adhesive glue suitable for all decorators used for pasting all types of interior wallpapers. The best quality adhesive glue is this product that pastes a variety of wallpapers including lining papers, washable, vinyl, textured and blown vinyl, embossed and heavy embossed wallpapers.

The FAQs below will come in handy in guiding you on how to use this Solvite All Purpose Wallpaper Paste

  • What tools do I need for wallpapering?

We recommend you use a pasting table, pasting brush, plumb line, tape measure, spirit level, scissors, hanging brush, craft knife, safety goggles, and gloves. And don’t forget your chosen wallcovering and Solvite adhesive!

  • Does the old wallpaper/ previous coverings need to be removed?

We recommend that previous wallcoverings are always removed prior to wallpapering, to enable the new wallcovering to be applied to a sound surface.

  • Why is my wallpaper difficult to remove?

The adhesive on the back of wallpaper is formulated to release it when wet. However, many people do not wet the back of the wallpaper enough before trying to remove it. Using a wallpaper stripper loosens the adhesive, making wallpaper removal much easier and quicker.

  • Do I have to apply Solvite adhesive with a brush?

All Solvite products can be used with a roller or a brush.

  • Why do I get bubbles in my wallpaper?

Bubbles can appear in the wallpaper if the manufacturer’s soaking time has not been followed, causing your paper to expand on the wall. Also, bubbles might appear where there is excess adhesive, but this will dry flat overnight.

  • I have some wallpaper to hang, and the instructions say that I should ‘paste the wall’. I’ve always pasted the paper before; is this something new and what should I use?

Paste the wallpaper, however, there is a different paste for specifically pasting the wall.

  • What’s the difference between Paste the Wall and Paste the Paper adhesives?

Paste the Wall wallpapers that have a non-woven, non-paper backing and so require a stronger adhesive to hang them.

More instructions on its usage are indicated at the back of the packaging, however, for further instructions and queries, Click here to contact us and we will be glad to offer assistance.

We also give assistance to past the wallpapers at your premises at a cost of Ksh. 500 extra.



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