How to decide on which wallpaper to use in your house

With a variety of wallpapers in store for you, one can easily get spoilt for choice on having a wallpaper that will be ideal for their interiors. As if thats not enough, several wallpapers seem to appear identical as they consist of identical designs and theme patterns. With all these at hand and with no[...]
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How to paste a wallpaper. A DIY step by step guide.

You have just bought a wallpaper and pasting glue from us then what next? Probably it might be as easy for you if this has been occasionally but it can be a daring venture if it might your first time or rather one of the first time. Worry no more as we have outlined for[...]
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What paint suits your space?

One of the most intriguing things is to decide how best your interior should look like and after looking on the internet, you are only left to be a bundle of knowledge with several options in mind and you end up not having a firm definite decision. We dive into this subject matter giving you[...]
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