What paint suits your space?

One of the most intriguing things is to decide how best your interior should look like and after looking on the internet, you are only left to be a bundle of knowledge with several options in mind and you end up not having a firm definite decision. We dive into this subject matter giving you tips and tricks of several and most common types of paints and how you can apply them. Realize that several surfaces are suited with different paints and having knowledge of them will save you a lot


With its high shine, it is the most common interior wall paint. Besides being preferred to wood surfaces, it shows imperfections on a wall achieving an even coverage on a wall, and will always need more than a single coat.


They produce a less shine gloss as compared to gloss paint. It offers a hard finish, it is suitable for heavy use and easy to clean up with just soap and water. Its usually easy to achieve a good covering with just a single coat


It’s extremely subtle but without quite smoothness and does not highlight imperfections quite as much on a wall making it more suitable interior wall paint


It’s finish is between matte and gloss and produces a quite a low sheen. This makes it ideal for areas where you will need to clean the walls regularly. However, don’t use satin on a surface with several imperfections as it will visually expose them drastically.


Matte enamel is far more durable and easier to clean or rarely needs retouching. Ideal for kitchens surfaces where you will need to clean wall regularly.


Matte paint is the most common interior wall paint ideal for walls and ceiling where you don’t need any visual distraction. Matte paint offers no shine or sheen to the finish and can as well be used for covering imperfections on your walls. However it needs regular retouching.

We hope this articles has given you several insights into the paint world and now you are certain what paint suits your interior. Feel free to leave a comment below and tell us what paint suits your surfaces and contact us if you need any assistance on the same as we have all these in store. Thanks

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