Wine cabinet


Has 9 wine slots
Equally spaced partitions
Stands on four legs
Has side cork catcher

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For the lovers of wine, this piece is just ideal for you. Put away the norm of storing wine in cupboards and embrace this elegant piece, uniquely and skillfully crafted for you. This wine cabinet has 9 slots and an adjacent cork catcher that can hold hundreds of corks. It is medium-sized and its top can as well be a table for your wine and wine glass thereby fitting your interiors very perfectly. Has four stands that make it be elevated from the ground. We can customize it based on your preference once we receive your order and payment.

At Kejani we not only make such products to stock in our showrooms but also make custom furniture based on orders considering your needs as we understand variance of needs. Purchase this now and have it delivered to your doorstep or you can as well  Click here to contact us and order a custom product.



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