Washroom storage ladder shelf with rope


3 suspended shelves
Equally spaced shelves
Made of pallets
Has rope suspensions
Light weight and portable

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The washroom storage ladder shelf is just an all-purpose product coming in handy to serve your storage purposes wholesomely. Ideal for your washrooms, this piece has two shelves that are equally spaced enabling you to store different toiletaries. It is medium-sized so be sure it can fit perfectly in your washroom regardless of the size of your interior spaces. It has a thick rope coming through its ends to enable it to be suspended at any point in the respective wash areas. This piece is portable as it is not permanently mounted on your wall giving you the freedom to choose its positioning. We can customize it by painting it your preferred color as soon as we receive your order and payment and we will deliver it to your doorstep.

At Kejani we not only make such products to stock in our showrooms but also make custom furniture based on orders considering your needs as we understand variance of needs. Purchase this now and have it delivered to your doorstep or you can as well  Click here to contact us and order a custom product.


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