Pallet set- L sofa seat and table with glass top


2 cushions & 10 throw pillows
Durable and long-lasting
Made of pallets bolted and glued together
Glass top table
Strong and hardy


One of the most elegant products is this piece. Consisting of l sofa seat and a table with a glass top, this set is made of pure pallets in custom alignments to make it strong and hardy.. The table has a glass top and is three-layered appearing in three colors: black, white, and pink. The L sofa is in pure black colors and cushioned to make your sitting comfy. It has two 2 long seat cushions and 10 throw pillows in black and pink colors. Ideal for your outdoors, this set will guarantee you a long last as it has been made with skillfull craftsmanship for the patio.

We can customize this set piece according to your preference in terms of size, color etc once we get your order and payment thereof.

At Kejani we not only make such products to stock in our showrooms but also make custom furniture based on orders considering your needs as we understand variance of needs. Purchase this now and have it delivered to your doorstep or you can as well  Click here to contact us and order a custom product.


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