Pallet Bed – 5 by 6


Size: 5 by 6 bed
Made of pallets bolted and glued together
Comfortable and long-lasting
Has 4 separable sections with a headboard
Strong and hardy

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Look no further if you are looking for an extraordinary bed that is uniquely created. This bed is not as compact as it looks as it can be disengaged with several pallet sections that form up the bed structure thereby making it easy and convenient for easy portability. Made fo pallets, this bed is hardy and strong and is smoothen on its surface making it suitable to place your mattress. Preferred custom painting on the bed is done upon request once we get your order and payment. Order it now and have it delivered to your doorstep today.

At Kejani we not only make such products to stock in our showrooms but also make custom furniture based on orders considering your needs as we understand variance of needs. Purchase this now and have it delivered to your doorstep or you can as well  Click here to contact us and order a custom pallet bed – 5 by 6.



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