3 pc DIY leather and wine rack


Can accommodate up to 3 glass/bottles
Equally spaced allowances
Has leather straps pinned by metallic pins
Mounted in the wall

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This elegant piece will give you a smooth way of storing wine bottles in your interiors besides elegantly giving you interior space some aesthetics. This product can hold up to 3 bottles of wine and is mounted on your wall firmly and strongly guaranteeing the safety of your wine. Has 6 lether straps attached on the wooden surface by two metallic pins which 2 hold one wine bottle. We can customize based on your preference once we get your order and payment.

At Kejani we not only make such products to stock in our showrooms but also make custom furniture based on orders considering your needs as we understand variance of needs. Purchase this now and have it delivered to your doorstep or you can as well  Click here to contact us and order a custom product.


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